Moss Cove




Laguna Beach

Moss cove is one of many hidden gems around Laguna Beach. It's also easily missed if you don't know where to go. If you like walking on really long beaches, this definitely isn't the place for you. It's basically the size of a big California backyard. But if you like nice quiet secluded spots, then this is the beach for you. When you're driving along PCH, you'll want to keep an eye out for Moss Street. Once you find it, park anywhere along PCH. You can try your luck at finding a spot on Moss Street, but it's doubtful you'll find one. Then it's just a quick walk to the long steps down.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of having your own private beach. Even though it's a secluded spot, there are homes along the coastline, so it's not that private. But if you don't look up at them, you won't ruin the private beach illusion.

Keep in mind tide levels can vary wildly. If the tide is high, there literally won't be any beach for you to enjoy. You'll have to stay on the steps, which isn't necessarily a bad choice. That was the case after I went right after a major storm. Otherwise, you should have about thirty feet of sand. To the right of the stairs are some rocks to lounge around on. There you can enjoy the giant rock formations in front of you, the ocean and its waves. This is also a diving and snorkeling spot. I usually don't see many divers there, but I have seen a few over the years. The only thing to explore is the tide pools to the left. They aren't that big, but they'll give you something else to do. It has everything you could want on a beach, only miniaturized.

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Quick Info

Why goIf you love secluded and rocky beaches this is the spot for you
Why passIf you like long or busy beaches don’t bother
ParkingFree, plenty of street parking
DataNo Wi-Fi or 4G
BathroomsNone nearby
Scenic Rating3.5

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