Welcome to Travels Outdoors!

Info you want Unlike other travel sites Most travel sites are all the same. They lack the info I want to know. They're more interested in getting you to go than telling you why you'd want to go. They make it seem like it needs to be a grand journey. It doesn't. Plenty of places nearby will work just as well. Work in progress As I visit each place again, I'll update the content and photos. Respect the planet Don't trash it. You need the planet more than it needs you

Inspiration of the site

2003 Started Hiking

2007 Started Photography (mostly work)

2009 Discovered Flickr

2009 Started experimenting with HDR

2018 First Full Frame SLR Camera

2019 Travels Outdoors was born

How I create my photos

Tripod + No Flash

I try to never shoot without a tripod. I only won't use one if it's impossible. VR is nice but it doesn't help with long exposures. I hate flashes and I never use them.

RAW + Long Exposures

I shoot in RAW format and always with long exposure times. Typically it's somewhere in the 1 to 3 second range. Sometimes it's more but it's never less.

Photomatix Pro

After bringing up the levels in Photoshop and making my 3 exposures, I combine them in Photomatix to create the HDR. I try to keep it as realistic as possible. I hate overprocessed HDR.