Lake San Marcos


San Marcos

Lake San Marcos isn’t your typical outdoor destination because it’s mostly for aquatic activities and dining, but it’s still worth a visit even if you have no interest in those things.

Parking is a mixed bag because it may be crowded if you go during the weekend or dinner time. Otherwise, plenty of free parking is near the Lakehouse Resort off San Pablo/San Marino Drive.

San Marcos Lake would be a two-mile walk, but walking the loop is impossible, and even walking stretches is difficult. A hiking trail covers about a quarter of the lake, but that’s apparently closed. There’s also a tiny park, but that’s behind a gate, as is a tiny amount of the dock. You may wonder, what are your options for walking the lake? You’re basically confined to the quarter-mile dock area that begins at the Lakehouse Resort.

If you’re a bird watcher, you must visit Lake San Marcos. Prepare to be captivated by dozens of unique birds, some of which you may have never seen before. Keep an eye out for Great Egrets, and if you’re lucky, you might spot a rare Black-crowned Night Heron.

While swimming is not an option due to the lake’s pollution, there’s no shortage of water activities. There’s something for everyone, from sailing to paddle boarding, pedal boats to gondola rides.

You’ll probably be disappointed if you’re coming here strictly for an outdoor adventure. But it’s still worth seeing, even if only for a few minutes.

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Double peak is one of those rare viewpoints where you have an unhindered panoramic view of a lot of different landmarks in the area.

Quick Info

Why goIt’s a scenic view
Why passThere’s not much to see or do for outdoor adventurers
ParkingIt’s free but can become crowded on the weekends
Data5G, no WiFi
BathroomsNone, unless you’re eating somewhere
Scenic Rating3
GPS33.124893, -117.206300

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