Batiquitos Lagoon North Bluff Trail





It’s hard to beat Batiquitos Lagoon North Bluff Trail for an easy hike and great views. The complete trail isn't even a mile and the best part is only a third of a mile. Reach the hard-to-see parking lot with about eight spots by making a u-turn in a neighborhood.

The primary trail runs besides people's homes, but they're nice, and there's plenty of other things to see. Between unique plants, butterflies, birds, and weird insects, there's always something new. If you happen to meet any locals, they're very friendly. Most people on the trail bring their dogs, sometimes unleashed. Train tracks run parallel to the trail, and while it might be tempting to cross them, there's no path to the beach. Along the way, plaques detail the lagoon bridge history and the plant and animals in the area.

Several stone circular benches and tables, one even in a gazebo, give you a fantastic opportunity to sit down and enjoy the spectacular views of Batiquitos Lagoon, the Pacific Ocean and even a sunset.

There’s a mini trail you can take by going left at the fork and it’s just as lovely. You’re stuck between a fence and house in the beginning and then you’ll briefly cross the street before getting to the good stuff. There’s pretty flowers, cacti and two sets of benches. You’ll get a view of the bridge and lagoon from another angle. It dead ends at a cliff.

Quick Info

Why goA great place for a sit or stroll with an amazing view.
Why passIt might be too short a hike but you go for the views.
ParkingFree but limited
Data4G, No Wi-Fi
Scenic Rating4
GPS33.092262, -117.308483

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